I studied biology at the University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Then I worked for 2 years at the University of the Azores in Portugal, as a technician. Afterwards, I did a master's degree in ecology with a specialisation in environmental impact and remediation at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels and when I finished, I worked as a technician at the University of Luxembourg. Currently, I am doing my PhD in analytical chemistry in the Human Biomonitoring Unit (HBRU) of the LIH.


• Establish collaborations and find potential partners who could provide hair samples from human volunteers.

• Chemical analysis.

• Interpretation of data

• Writing of publications

Key Skills

• Sample manipulation

• Chemical extraction

• Chemical analysis

• Liquid and gas chromatography

• Mass spectrometer

• Data interpretation

• Writing publications


• Raposeiro, Pedro Miguel, Maria Jesus Rubio, Alba González, Armand Hernández, Guiomar Sánchez-López, David Vázquez-Loureiro, Valentí Rull et al. "Impact of the historical introduction of exotic fishes on the chironomid community of Lake Azul (Azores Islands)." Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 466 (2017): 77-88.

• Iglesias-González, Alba, Emily M. Hardy, and Brice MR Appenzeller. "Cumulative exposure to organic pollutants of French children assessed by hair analysis." Environment international 134 (2020): 105332.

• Krief, Sabrina, Alba Iglesias-González, Brice Marc René Appenzeller, John Paul Okimat, Jean-Baptiste Fini, Barbara Demeneix, Sophie Vaslin-Reimann, Sophie Lardy-Fontan, Nelson Guma, and Petra Spirhanzlova. "Road impact in a protected area with rich biodiversity: the case of the Sebitoli road in Kibale National Park, Uganda." Environmental Science and Pollution Research 27 (2020): 27914-27925.

Alba Iglesias Gonzalez PhD Student HBRU Luxembourg Institute of Health

1A-B, rue Thomas Edison
1445 Strassen, LUXEMBOURG
Tel. : +352 26 970 604