Fengjiao PENG, PhD - Postdoctoral Fellow

Fengjiao Peng obtained her PhD at Wageningen University and investigated the behaviour, fate and effect of organic micropollutants in the aquatic environment. She then worked on effects-based monitoring tools as a postdoc at Wageningen University & Research for 6 months. Since April 2019, she is working on human biomonitoring as a postdoc at HBRU. She is involved in research projects that aimed to establish a link between exposure to pollutants and hormone concentration in hair.


• Hair analysis for hormones

• Relating pollutants to hormone concentrations in hair


• Chemical analysis and ecotoxicity

Key Skills


• qPCR

• Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy


• Environmental chemistry

• Ecotoxicity

• Organic pollutants

• Human biomonitoring


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Fengjiao Peng PhD Human Biomonitoring Research Unit

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