Jianjian WANG - Trainee

I am a Master 2 student in Analytical Sciences at the University of Strasbourg (France). I am at the LIH for my final training period. I am focusing on the research of pregnant women in order to evaluate their exposure by measuring the concentration of endocrine disruptors in their urine.


I am working on the NoStra project as a trainee. My work is divided into two parts. The first part is to verify the urine concentration correction method (using creatinine correction and using specific gravity correction), and the second part is to use LC-MSMS to detect the content of endocrine disruptors in the urine sample of pregnant women.


I will use the knowledge of analytical chemistry, general chemistry and organic chemistry in my work.

Key skills

• Sample preparation and analyte extraction

• Gas chromatography

• Liquid Chromatography

• Mass spectrometry

• Spectrophotometer

Jianjian WANG - Trainee - Human Biomonitoring Research Unit (HBRU) - Luxembourg Institute of Health

1A-B, rue Thomas Edison
1445 Strassen