HBRU lastest publications

• Population-based biomonitoring of exposure to persistent and non-persistent organic pollutants in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: Results from hair analysis.
August 01, 2021
2021 Aug. Environ Int.153:106526. Online ahead of print.
By: Peng FJ  Emond C  Hardy EM  Sauvageot N  Alkerwi A  Lair ML  Appenzeller BMR.

• Micronutrients and markers of oxidative stress and inflammation related to cardiometabolic health: results from the EHES-LUX study.
December 22, 2020
2020 Dec. Nutrients.13(1):5.
By: Ruiz-Castell M  Le Coroller G  Landrier JF  Kerkour D  Weber B  Fagherazzi G  Appenzeller BMR  Vaillant M  Bohn T.

• Is there an optimal sampling time and number of samples for assessing exposure to fast elimination endocrine disruptors with urinary biomarkers?
December 10, 2020
2020 Dec. Sci Total Environ.747:141185. Epub 2020 Jul 25.
By: Fays F  Palazzi P  Hardy EM  Schaeffer C  Phillipat C  Zeimet E  Vaillant M  Beausoleil C  Rousselle C  Slama R  Appenzeller BMR.

• Blood pharmacokinetic of 17 common pesticides in mixture following a single oral exposure in rats: implications for human biomonitoring and exposure assessment.
October 01, 2019
2019 Oct. Arch Toxicol.93(10):2849-2862. Epub 2019 Aug 19.
By: Chata C  Palazzi P  Grova N  Haan S  Emond C  Vaillant M  Appenzeller BMR.

• Challenges and benefits of integrating diverse sampling strategies in the observation of cardiovascular risk factors (ORISCAV-LUX 2) study.
February 04, 2019
2019 Feb. BMC Med Res Methodol.19(1):27.
By: Alkerwi A  Pastore J  Sauvageot N  Coroller GL  Bocquet V  d'Incau M  Aguayo G  Appenzeller B  Bejko D  Bohn T  Malisoux L  Couffignal S  Noppe S  Delagardelle C  Beissel J  Chioti A  Stranges S  Schmit JC.

• Exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in women living in the Chinese cities of BaoDing and Dalian revealed by hair analysis.
December 01, 2018
2018 Dec. Environ Int.121(Pt 2):1341-1354. Epub 2018 Nov 9.
By:Palazzi P  Mezzache S  Bourokba N  Hardy EM  Schritz A  Bastien P  Emond C  Li J  Soeur J  Appenzeller BMR.

• Hair analysis for the biomonitoring of pesticide exposure: comparison with blood and urine in a rat model.
August 01, 2017
2017 Aug. Arch Toxicol.91(8):2813-2825. Epub 2016 Dec 23.
By: Appenzeller BMR  Hardy EM  Grova N  Chata C  Fays F  Briand O  Schroeder H  Duca RC.